Peace Be With Us

If you're feeling stressed today, overwhelmed with too much to do, rushing around with your HAIR ON FIRE, then take this brief moment with me, a "Mental Spa Moment", to refresh...rebalance...recharge.

  • Today, on your way to work…or at the grocery store…or wherever you may glimpse a stranger, notice someone you have never seen before.  (If you’re homebound, this may be someone on your television, but someone you’ve never seen.)
  • Take a brief mental note of their basic characteristics – male or female, their race, their approximate age
  • Perceive their mood; happy, sad, burdened, confident?
  • Now slowly breathe in…slowly breathe out
  • And silently say to yourself…”Peace Be With Us”

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Leigh Builder is a National Board Certified Counselor with a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia where she teaches a program in medication-free Anxiety and Stress Management.  She is the author of the forthcoming book:

25 All Natural Solutions
That Quickly Calm
Anxiety & Stress



Leigh’s holistic approach is Mind, Body, Soul focused as well as based on the latest cutting-edge research in the fields of Neuroscience, Bioenergetics, Nutrition and Energy Psychology.

A former sufferer herself of Anxiety and Panic Disorder, Leigh teaches simple yet effective techniques that work, helping to restore quality of life to those who struggle with chronic anxiety and stress.

For more information, visit Leigh’s website at www.Leigh or contact her or 404-355-3602.