The Builder Stress Program

…is an integrative mind-body approach for managing anxiety and stress. The Program is designed for adults and teens, professionals, students and athletes. These simple techniques are taught in a workshop setting or individual sessions.

Chronic Stress …

it’s epidemic in our modern, fast-paced society. Whether we are professionals, parents or students, stress is constant.  However, when stressors intensify and become chronic, health problems can arise — diabetes, heart disease, weight gain.  Relationships with family, friends and co-workers suffer.  Depression can increase as contentment drops.We manage as best we can, sometimes increasing our alcohol intake, smoking, over-eating, watching TV  or using the internet excessively, hoping to relax.  Some of us try to schedule talk-therapy into already busy schedules, with less than satisfactory results.  Many become dependent on prescription medications, and tolerate their unpleasant side-effects.  What if there were another way, a better way — one that offered not only proven results, but also results that are rapid and lasting?

Features of the Builder Stress Management Program

  • Medication free
  • Short-term
  • Immediate positive changes in professional and personal life
  • Confidence increases as anxiety and overwhelm are neutralized
  • Learn useful techniques to manage stress for a lifetime

There is a better way to reclaim the quality of life that stress and anxiety can rob from you.  The Builder Stress Program is inspirational, motivational … and it works.

Who Can Benefit?                


teen anxiety

Test-Taking Anxiety, Body Image Concerns and Teen Relationships are all issues that can overwhelm your son or daughter.  Early experimentation with alcohol or drugs is often a young person’s way of coping.   Anorexia, Bulimia and “Cutting” can be a mis-guided attempt to quiet the stress, anxiety or panic that is quietly, sometimes secretly, building in their lives.  Thankfully, there’s  a better way….




Performance anxiety can wreak havoc on an Amateur’s enjoyment of his/her sport as well as damage a Professional’s career.  Everything from a Golfer’s “yips” to a Pro’s fear of flying can leave Amateur and Professional Athletes full of self-recrimination.    Being “blocked” from performing at their best, athletes may turn to performance enhancing drugs or leave their sport all together.  Thankfully, there’s a better way……



Anxious mothers are being pulled in a hundred directions,  caring for their children and oftentimes for elderly parents.   Many have careers demanding their attention while many more are divorced, single, trying to make ends meet.  Over-eating, drinking a bit more than they know is good for them, feeling quietly desperate has become their “new normal”.   Thankfully, there’s a better way…….

Overwhelmed Executives, Professionals and Employees have seen an economic adultsdownturn not experienced since the Depression and many are stuck in  jobs for which they are over-qualified.  Many are unable to find any work at all.  Their sense of self-worth has been diminished.  Their confidence shaken.  They often find themselves lashing out at loved ones or indulging in risky behavior that worries their family and friends.  Some retire to the couch and shut down.  Thankfully, there’s s a better way….

Stressed singles are losing faith in finding a loving relationship.  Some struggle trying to figure out where they fit in the current society – the” rules” seem to have changed on them.  Work stress and general life dissatisfaction are leaving them wondering “what’s the use”.  Unable to support themselves, many move back home, feeling defeated or ashamed.   Suicidal thoughts are not uncommon.   Thankfully,  there’s a better way….


Advances in Neuroscience combined with the latest, cutting edge methodologies in mind-body research have revealed simple, yet powerful, techniques that are easily learned and have rapid, long lasting results in the relief of Anxiety, Stress, Panic, Trauma and PTSD.   Symptoms are not masked, but are literally neutralized  in the bio-electric field of the body. Learning these techniques will profoundly change the lives of anyone who has suffered with any form of Stress Disorder.    You don’t have to suffer a day longer.  It’s time to make a change.  A positive change.


Thankfully there’s  a better way……The Builder Stress Program

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